Giving Tree Donations Needed


This year’s Giving Tree donations will be going to families and individuals who were visited by St. Vincent de Paul members this past year.

As you know, anyone in Bolingbrook can call St. Francis and St. Dominic’s for assistance with rent, utilities, water, clothing, food and basic home needs. Our only income, which allows us to help, comes from you, our Parishioners, through your monthly donations and a few fundraisers. I cannot thank you enough for your continued generous support of our ministry.

We will have specific requests from the families for each of their children and family members. Each tag will have the initials of the case worker, the case number, family member’s first name, the gift and size. There will also be tags for assistance for families whose water has been turned off, and the amount exceeds how we can assist them. If you choose a family who needs that help, please make the check payable to St. Vincent de Paul, and clip the tree tag to it so we can identify the family. Please attach the tag to the gift, so we can identify the correct family. Gifts accepted through December 11th.

A special “Thank You” to Fr. Herb and the St. Francis Lady Knights’ Auxiliary for choosing SVdP for this year’s Giving Tree.

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